G.I. Bill Update


Don’t let the money that you earned by serving your country go to waste. Make your years of service better serve you!

As many of you already know, RSTI’s X-Ray Certificate and Diagnostic Imaging Diploma programs are approved for veterans training. What you may not know is that you are eligible to use your GI Bill entitlement at RSTI even if your training is being paid by your employer. That’s right – if you are not currently enrolled at another school, you can tap into your Montgomery GI Bill funds for Phases I-IV of the X-Ray Certificate Series.

And we just learned that new legislation effective September 1, 2011 will extend housing benefits to NCD(non-college degree) schools like RSTI. Previously, a housing allowance was only made available to those attending a college or university.

The monthly benefit paid to you is based on the type of training you take, length of your service, your category, and if DOD put extra money in your MGIB Fund (called “kickers”), You usually have 10 years to use your MGIB benefits.

Call Anna at 800-229-7784 to see how you can apply your GI Bill benefits to RSTI classes.