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CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

Title 21 covers everything from classification and identification of imaging devices to useful regulatory information as it pertains to the operation of radiology equipment.

American College of Radiology

The principle organization of radiologists, radiation oncologists, and clinical medical physicists in the United States, with more than 30,000 members – ACR is also offers a deep knowledge-base and continuing education opportunities to service professionals.

Fluke Biomedical - Radiation Management Services

Fluke Biomedical leads the world in the manufacture of biomedical test and simulation products, including electrical safety testers, patient simulators, performance analyzers, and fully-integrated and automated performance testing and documentation systems. Fluke Biomedical also provides some of the most trusted and accurate diagnostic imaging, radiation safety, and oncology quality-assurance solutions for regulatory compliance.

Today, medical device manufacturers, biomedical professionals, physicists, field service, and other medical personnel must meet increasing regulatory guidelines, higher quality standards, and rapid technological growth while performing their work faster and more efficiently than ever. Fluke Biomedical provides a diverse range of software and hardware tools to meet today's challenges.

For more information on Fluke Biomedical products and services, please contact or call (800) 850-4608 (US only) or (440) 248-9300.

Legacy Brands:  Victoreen®, Keithley, Metron, DNI Nevada, Bio-Tek Instruments


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Unfors is a market leader in measuring the radiation from X-ray. Through the development, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of measuring systems for X-ray radiation Unfors contributes to increased knowledge of dangerous radiation. Headquarteres are in Billdal, Sweden, where Unfors was founded in 1994. Unfors serves a global market through subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Singapore, India, Japan and China, and a global sales network. Unfors has 110 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 126 million for fiscal year 2008/09. Since 2006, the Sixth AP Fund is the majority owner of Unfors.



Company Profile:
Radcal is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of affordable radiation measuring systems for dose and non-invasive kV including the comprehensive ACCU-PRO multi-purpose X-ray analyzer for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kV, exposure time, HVL, mA, mAs, filtration, and more.

The latest additions to the Radcal Gold Standard in ion chamber equipped instruments are the ACCU-GOLD+ and the RAPID-GOLD+, PC-based X-ray analyzers. The ACCU-GOLD+ provides the user with the flexibility of using solid state sensors and/or ion chambers, as well as mA and light sensors. RAPID-GOLD+ uses solid state sensors, mA sensors and is perfect for those that do not require the use of ion chambers. Both analyzers use the innovative Accu-Gold software for complete analysis.

Another current addition to the Radcal family is the patented Patient Dose Calibrator (PDC) which measures DAP, DAP-rate, Dose and Dose-rate. It is used as an on-site tool to calibrate installed DAP meters and to check AEC operation of the X-ray machine.

Radcal also offers “The Dynalyzer” which is the accepted industry standard for accurate, simultaneous invasive measurement of X-ray generator kVp, exposure time, mA/mAs and filament current. These systems are used by many major X-ray machine manufacturers as well as service and biomed personnel worldwide who require the utmost in X-ray generator measurement accuracy.

Radcal has an active R & D program which is committed to offering new and improved user-oriented X-ray measurement tools used by manufacturers, physicists, biomedical engineers, and government inspectors.

Radcal’s beginnings can be traced to 1975 when Radcal (then MDH) designed the 1015 for the USA FDA to measure medical X-ray dose rate, dose and time without range changing or loss of accuracy when interchanging detectors. The 1015, commonly referred to as “The MDH”, introduced new technology to the industry and with our Gold Standard ion chambers, users experienced unmatched performance, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability.


RTI Electronics has redefined non-invasive X-ray QA and service with the versatile Piranha and Barracuda multi-meters, and the new, single modality Cobia meters.  With innovative X-ray QA solutions, RTI also features the comprehensive Piranha Premium Kits, wirelessly interfaced to your PC for easy and complete documentation with RTI’s Ocean software.

RTI Electronics, Inc.
33 Jacksonville Road, Building 1
Towaco, NJ 07082
Toll-Free: 800-222-7537
Phone: 973-439-0242
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