Calling All Veterans


We are proud to introduce our first X-Ray Certificate Series graduate under Chapter 33, Robert Patterson.There is great news for veterans eligible for Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill) who want to use their benefits at RSTI. You already know that RSTI is approved for veteran’s training. 

Now, 100% tuition is covered for classes that are approved by the Ohio State Approving Agency under RSTI’s Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray Certificate Program and Diagnostic Imaging Diploma Program! That’s right, the post-9/11 GI Bill pays 100% of tuition costs for Phases I-IV of RSTI’s X-Ray Certificate Series, up to the NEW ANNUAL CAP AMOUNT of $18,077.50 for those students eligible at the 100% level. 

In addition, veterans are also entitled to receive a living/housing allowance of approximately $1100 per month (actual amount is based on 2012 BAH rates) and books/fees allowance of approximately $83 per month. Five other veterans are currently enrolled in the Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray Certificate Program. What a great opportunity for them to apply the educational assistance they have earned by serving our country!

Visit to see if you are eligible.

Then, contact Anna Morrison, RSTI’s Training Registrar and School Certifying Official, to get registered, by calling 800-229-7784 or sending an email to